Awards & Recognition


'Mission Convergence

The Gender Resource Centre (GRC) programme runs through the Woman Empowerment Component of Mission Convergence that aims at all-round growth of women. To ensure this, a multi-pronged intervention programme has been designed which includes health and nutrition awareness camps, promotion of functional literacy, as well as legal and rights awareness workshops. Not only that, ACM GIDF has been associated with Mission Convergence since 2010 and has also been given 2 GRC's to handle in Delhi itself, due to our good work in the same field.
Accreditation was coducted at ACM GIDF in November 2011, where the objective is to evaluate compliance of minimum set of norms on governance, transparency, core competency and result-oriented program implementation by ACM GIDF through an accreditation tool. ACM-GIDF received GRADE A with a score of 80 out of 100 which is attributed to its robust organizational capacity, effective governance & accountability especially in terms of resource management and financial strength and good performance in transparency.