Gender Resource Center

Whether we like it or not, gender discrimination remains a living reality of India, and its impact is most severe in below poverty level families. ACM GIDF believes it crucial for women from these families to explore their true worth and stand up for their rights.

But for them to claim their place in the sun, they do need a stream of active support and faith.

Our Gender Resource Centre Subidha Kendra (GRC-SK) aims to do just that - uplift the socio-economic status of women. In select areas of Delhi, the project facilitates the outreach of Delhi government’s welfare programs to their intended recipients – the historically marginalized sections of society.

The GRC aims at all round growth of women – which leads to interventions like health and nutrition awareness camps, promoting functional literacy, legal and rights awareness workshops etc. The ‘Stree Shakti’ component of the program advocates gender empowerment through regular camps and counselling; improving employability of women through vocational training; enhancing their economic strength through formation of self-help groups & access to micro-credit.

A concept guided by ACM GIDF’s vision of achieving social justice through inclusive governance, the GRC project steers away from the traditional view of doling out grants for social welfare. The objective here is to bring on real inclusive growth through making neglected social units self-reliant and productive components of society.

Mentioned below are the areas covered by us in Delhi:

South District- Aya Nagar, Ambedkar chowk, Andheria More, Bheem Basti, Bapu Colony, Bakshi Farm (Ghitorni), Bhati Kalan, Bandh Road, Ber Sarai, Dera Village, Gadaipur, Jia Sarai, Jaunapur, Jhirkhud Mandir, Katwaria Sarai, Kishan Garh, Lado Sarai, Mandi, Mehrauli, Qutub Minar, Sultanpur, Shanti colony, Shiv Hansa Chauk, Jawahar Colony, Gausia Colony, Sambhav Colony etc.

North District- Sadar Bazar, Nabab Ganj, Fayaz Ganj, Pahari Dheeraj, Teli Wara, Coak New Basti, Hathi Khana, Ahata Kendra, Goyal House, Filmistan, Bara Hindu Rao, Azad Market, Model Basti, Ahata Kidara, Narayan Market etc.