A nation grows to its full potential only when those at the bottom of the pyramid have access to health facilities. All development initiatives fail to make an impact if they are not addressed to a population marked by healthy minds lodged in healthy bodies. With this understanding, and a firm belief that India’s growth story will be incomplete if it is not directed towards inclusive growth, ACM GIDF has a separate wing to take health care to the impoverished and often neglected hinterlands of India. Our objective is simple – to make those living on the edge access health benefits to make them able enough to participate in the process of development. Unfortunately, huge tracts of rural India still do not have access to even the most basic healthcare facilities.

A large number of people in India still stay in darkness when it comes to understanding hygiene and basic preventive measures to block killer diseases. Most importantly, with the incursion of media into almost every corner of India, these people now know what they could expect and should demand. If those demands are not met, they are likely to lose whatever little faith they have on democratic systems of governance. That’s a situation that needs

Sendi Bai: The Awakening, From Within

The dismal condition of women in rural India essentially stems from a historical imbalance; women,unfortunately,have never been considered equals to men in a nation that claims to be worshippers of the mother cult. No…

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Mobile Health Outreach Programme

Facing the target of improving rural India’s access to healthcare is complicated, mainly because of the lack of adequate infrastructure.Even where there is the basic infrastructure, finding the right manpower to hold forth is…

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HIV/AIDS Programme

Guna in Madhya Pradesh is a major trucker’s halt. Truckers are recognized 'transmission-bridges' of HIV/AIDS and fall within the high risk category. We have been in close contact with the truckers in Guna, thanks…

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Past Health Initiatives

A strong and sound system of health leads to a strong and sound nation – that’s been the belief of ACM GIDF ever since its inception.If we can start taking positive steps towards taking…

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