Supportive Education

It’s not the quantity but the quality of education that matters

Supportive Education entails assisting school going children acquire quality education through appropriate interventions after identifying the particular need of each child.The purpose is to encourage an environment for holistic development,to identify and assist children who need special intervention and to provide a platform to nurture and consolidate their areas of strength.

The project stems out of the belief that expansion of primary school access doesn’t always translate into actual improvements in learning outcomes for all students. In India, out of the 96% of children (ages 6-14) enrolled in school, 47% cannot read a grade-2 level text and 62% cannot do basic arithmetic despite spending five years in school. This means that well over 40% of all rural children in grade-5 are at least three grade levels behind. The reasons behind this backlog in learning is manifold – ranging from misdirected government efforts, under-prepared teachers, lack of an adequate system at school to identify and assist children with learning difficulties and absence of learning support at home. Mothers of 50% of rural school going children have never been to school themselves. The result is low quality education that often imparts little or no real learning.

ACM GIDF believes the project, right now ongoing in seven states across India, will help curb the instances of drop-outs among school kids. We have already initiated the project to pre-school kids in our ECD centers and have started the process to expand it to other levels of education.


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