CNG Crematorium

Going Green

Rampant increase in automobiles, brisk industrialization and fast increasing population are some of the factors that add on to the over pollution of Delhi, our national capital.ACM GIDF understands the need to initiate every possible process to lessen this unbridled pollution suffocating the city.

One major concern is the effluence of greenhouse gases caused by conventional wood-based pyres. In thickly populated urban centres like Delhi, the problem has assumed uncontrollable proportions. Besides releasing toxins to the environment, the amount of wood used in these pyres is having a rigorous toll on the nation’s already diminishing natural resources. Estimates reveal, burning one body requires a whole grownup tree.

ACM GIDF understands the need to support ever initiative towards building a cleaner and greener Delhi. With this in mind, we are implementing a CNG furnace project at the Kalkaji Crematorium, South Delhi, in association with GAIL India Ltd.

CNG furnaces are not just eco-friendly but cost-effective. CNG is a cleaner replacement for other fossil fuels like petrol, diesel and propane. The CNG pyre costs a family only Rs 150, whereas the conventional pyre costs Rs 350 upwards. There are some social sentiments involved, but the relatives of the dead need be assured that CNG is not just less polluting, but costs less as well.