ACM GIDF in Boston, USA

GIDF, USA Chapter started its operation in Oct 2010 in the state of Massachusetts, USA. The objective of operating in USA is not only to create and spread awareness related to child education, women empowerment, livelihood and health but also to make the people of United States believe in the cause and raise a helping hand in order to eradicate the elements leading to the cause.

GIDF USA structured many marketing tools but the first and the most effective way to get the word out, about these worthy causes was through a donation flyer called ‘Hamari Gudiya’. The prime objective of this flyer was sending a girl child to school. This initiative was not only cost effective but one of the most powerful tool to reach out to masses. After identifying the right marketing tool, it required to approach the right locations, which were none other than the HIGH TRAFFIC LOCATIONS and what could be more crowded than the upscale malls during winter and Holiday season. So GIDF USA partnered with a chain of casual Indian fast food restaurant – Gourmet India.

Gourmet India is located in various upscale malls in Massachusetts and has a huge number of customers visiting these locations on daily basis. GIDF placed these donation flyers on the communication center of each restaurant. These communication centers have been placed in such a way that when a customer is waiting for the meal or a drink or even if he passes by gourmet India location, he is forced to look toward the communication center and of course towards ‘Hamari Gudiya’. Placing these flyers on the communication center of a busy restaurant or any location which is full of activities leads to creating visibility, awareness and value to the product or service and that is exactly what happened in our case. Our main purpose of putting these flyers was to market GIDF and create awareness but to our surprise we have not only been able to meet our objectives but we have also started getting donations. This has been our very first initiative which has and is helping us in communicating and connecting directly with the target audience. GIDF USA is also approaching other high traffic and crowded locations in Massachusetts like Indian grocery stores, salons, Banks etc in order to generate more visibility, awareness and support from the potential donors. Hamari Gudiya flyer has generated a very positive outlook amongst the potential donors and given GIDF USA a platform which is for sure leaning towards success. So come, join us in our journey to share the dream.

During the initiation of this activity, we observed that 40% of the gourmet India customers actually took the flyer along with them. This number is big and tells us how successful our initiative is. After reading the donation flyer, few American’s asked about GIDF and its future plans in United States. According to our first donor, nick who owns a produce company said "I would be more than happy to help and support this cause specially the cause of supporting a child's education. I can't even imagine people in India can live like this. Please let me know how I can donate. I would love to help"