Rain Water Harvesting Structures

Harvesting The Future

Inclusive growth becomes an impossible challenge without inclusive action that involves every level of communityparticipation.ACM GIDF believes environment conservation has to be at the forefront of every effort towards inclusive action. Conservation of natural resources brings about a chain reaction of direct benefits to the people at large. And, of course, such benefits should be tangible, measurable, and scalable. They should have a long lasting impact on those at the bottom of the pyramid.

'Neer Suraksha', meaning ‘Water Security’ was an initiative focused towards preserving water. The project involves Rain Water Harvesting in schools using locally available materials. After the initial months, usually a school body takes care of the structure. In most cases, the harvesting generates enough water to fulfil the entire water requirement of the school, even in lean seasons.

After a lukewarm beginning, the project started gathering momentum once the focus was shifted to girl’s schools, covering over 23 such schools in the past. Like many other places in India, scarcity of clean water forces young school girls to drop out. The problem is even more pronounced for those approaching adulthood. Our project has managed to retain their interest in schooling – that, we believe is one of our major achievements till date.

We chose Delhi as our prime location as it particularly needs such initiatives, due to its precarious geographical positioning at the Aravalli foothills and it’s fast depleting ground water resources due to over usage.