Afforestation Programmes

Planting Life

ACM GIDF undertook a community tree plantation project at Guna in Madhya Pradesh, in partnership with GAIL India Ltd.Through this project, we intended to contribute to the overall improvement of the local environment of the Industrial belt,mainly to ensure a better ambient air quality.

Our afforestation activities covered vast tracts of land in and around GAIL campus and from Bharsula Chowk to village Dongar in an intensive effort towards reversing the growing ecological threat in Madhya Pradesh. The results were quite encouraging and awareness was at an all time high as local residents came out in full support of the project. Besides, the initiative led to the return of a fair amount of density in the adjoining forests and also increased the agricultural area in the vicinity.

The afforestation resulted in an improved aesthetics of the target area, but that’s not all. The growth of green cover is also helping build a 'Sink' for the pollutants released by the local industries. This largely protects the quality of ecology and environment in the area.