Women Empowerment

The pan India Self-Help-Group movement by ACM GIDF has all the signs of emerging as a vital socio-economic tool of transformation. The early results are quite encouraging.In association with National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)

we have started work towards convincing village women the importance of pooling resources and capabilities for common welfare.

With active help from willing locals, team GIDF is well on its way to meet the targets of the initiative; encouraging community based income-generation activities; micro-business skill development; micro-finance development; vocational and self-employment training across all parameters of able and disabled persons etc. The target is to enable people, especially women, to carve out livelihood opportunities for themselves.

The approach is multidimensional, covering economic, political and social aspects. This stems out of the realization that, for real empowerment, besides upgraded income-generation skills, women also need to take part in the decision making process. Only this would lead to tangible changes – sustainable and long-lasting.


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  • > Assam
  • > Madhya Pradesh