Isolation from the mainstream of development makes people feel neglected and sidelined. Gainful employment integrates them to the system, goes a long way to make them belong to governance and keeps disruptive thoughts at bay. With this in mind, ACM GIDF promotes holistic, sustainable livelihood models across the nation targeting the marginalised sections of Indian population, and involving all major stakeholders.The mission mode is to make the best possible use of available resources and skills to generate vocations for locals.

This includes a vast spectrum of recipients and options - helping traditional Indian artisans to find a foothold in today’s market; training rural youth with vocational courses that facilitate self-employment; encouraging micro-entrepreneurship across a spectrum of trades; formation of self-help-groups as an effective strategy to empower women, both in rural and urban Indian communities.As a facilitator, we collaborate with a number of government projects promoting effective livelihood building across the nation. We believe being in a suitable vocation of their own choice helps individuals understand, appreciate and enhance their self-esteem. Our task is to identify and consolidate local opportunities, encourage beneficiaries to access them and, in the process, inspire communities to feel connected through a participatory process of nation building.

Women Empowerment

The pan India Self-Help-Group movement by ACM GIDF has all the signs of emerging as a vital socio-economic tool of transformation. The early results are quite encouraging.In association with National Bank for Agriculture…

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Gender Resource Center

Whether we like it or not, gender discrimination remains a living reality of India, and its impact is most severe in below poverty level families. ACM GIDF believes it crucial for women from these…

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Rural Artisan Training Programmes

ACM GIDF's various rural artisan training programmes, aim to create a need for Indian traditional art & craft products in the modern market.The initiative not just helps artisans, but also helps revive different unique…

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Training & Placement Programmes

A market linked skill development and placement in multi-skills sector. The BPL (Below poverty line) youths for 13 districts are to be trained in multi-trades. The target is to achieve the training and placement…

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Nai Roshni

"Nai Roshni" - The scheme of Leadership Development of Minority Women Scheme.

The status of women in the country, particularly those from the disadvantaged sections of the society, is unfavourable. A girl child suffers from…

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