Early Childhood Development

Nurturing the building blocks of a nation

Lessons learnt in early childhood not just paves the way for future education, but also become a strong basis of personality development.Kids who have access to quality pre-school education have better chances of becoming active and effective citizens. For BPL families,this becomes even more crucial, because most of them do not even think of sending their kids to pre-school, sometimes because they feel that they can’t afford it, but also because of lack of awareness.

ACM GIDF’s Early Childhood Development programme provides BPL family kids access to quality pre-school education across the nation. We already have the basic infrastructure in place and are right now busy expanding the scope and the quality of our units. Our educators undergo special in-service training to learn how to develop flexible modules that ensure all round cognitive growth of a group of children while handling specific needs of each child. At the ECD centres, the educators make unique study aids like puppets and flash cards with locally available material. Besides regular health check-ups, the ECD Centres also provide additional nutrition to the kids.

Many of our pre-school students have now been mainstreamed in formal schools as their parents now realize the importance of education. Their positive approach has started having a cascading effect on their neighbourhoods - – we feel that’s our greatest achievement from the project till date.


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Impact of the Project