Vision 2020

After bringing world beating Entrepreneurial education to India’s doorstep in the first 20 years of my association with IIPM; for the last two years I have been doing my bit to take the same Entrepreneurial education to the larger masses of India. Th is year with the GIDF-Planman Scholarship I hope to take a potent combination of world class education, social work and corporate research to a much bigger mass of India’s youth and empower them. My dream is that through corporate-social joint endeavours by the year 2020 I will be able to create a situation where in this 75% scholarship will reach to a 100% scholarship for all students entering the portals of IIPM.

Arindam Chaudhuri
Economist.Management Guru.Author.Speaker.Transformational Leader

The Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Great Indian Dream Foundation was started as the social action initiative of the philosophy outlined in the landmark #1 Best seller, "The Great Indian Dream". Keeping in line with the philosophy of an Educated, Healthy, Employed India with access to Justice, GIDF's initiatives over the years have been purely aimed at the bottom of the pyramid. To take the dream ahead, and to commemorate the 20th death anniversary of its inspiration, Aurobindo Chaudhuri, GIDF. In association with Planman has started what can be arguably called India's greatest and most revolutionary initiative to make empower India's youth in a socially conscious manner. GIDF being a not for profit charity, needs helping hands to further its cause. Thus GIDF-Planman call upon the youth of India to come forward and help us take our dream forward by becoming a GIDF-Planman Scholar. A GIDF-Planman scholar will be required to contribute and commit to the society a certain no. of hours which will make them eligible to be called a GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE scholar. To encourage them to contribute to the society for social causes, IIPM has decided to offer a special fees for its programmes to the GIDF-Planman scholars and that is why Planman has joined hands to support the scheme. This iniative will help GIDF and Planman as they will get access to educated youth of India for various social/research and consulting activities like making GIDF care givers and carrying out various social and consulting projects and at the same time IIPM students will get benefitted as they will get quality social work, research and consulting experience as they pass out of IIPM! While the exposure to GIDF will make them better socially conscious human beings, the exposure to Planman will give them first hand idea of how the corporate sector works and make them better prepared for the job market than those who only undergo an academic programme and go out to the market. This double exposure of social sector and corporate sector would empower India's youth like never before and make the IIPM programme also accessible to a much larger section of India's masses and create employable youth like they have never been created before.