With a firm belief that education is the primary instrument for reducing poverty and inequality in a developing nation, ACM GIDF has come up with innovative projects that seek to bring home quality learning to the marginalized and under-exposed sections of India. Our target is to make the overall education experience interesting and more in line with the demands of our times, by reaching out to the remotest corners of the nation.

ACM GIDF understands that besides ensuring universal access to basic education, it’s crucial to expand the scope and enhance the quality of education at all levels. Our comprehensive programs, designed to bring forth an inclusive access to educational opportunities at various stages, emphasizes on this ‘quality’ factor.

Early Childhood Development

Lessons learnt in early childhood not just paves the way for future education, but also become a strong basis of personality development.Kids who have access to quality pre-school education have better chances of becoming…

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Humari Gudiya Campaign

At the UN’s Millennium Summit, some 100 heads of various countries adopted the following two amongst eight of the Millennium Development Goals(MDG):

  • Ensure that by 2015 all children have access to, and complete, free…

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Based on the principles of equal opportunities of quality education for all, project e-shiksha strives to bring home computer education for the marginalized and far-flung areas of our nation. The core target is –…

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Support for Street Children

In the Indian scenario, most street children have some family links but spend most of their lives They beg, sell trinkets, shine on the streets. shoes or wash cars to supplement their families' income.…

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Supportive Education

Supportive Education entails assisting school going children acquire quality education through appropriate interventions after identifying the particular need of each child.The purpose is to encourage an environment for holistic development,to identify and assist children…

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Barsha Mondol, (Kolkata)

Barsha Mondolis a 3 year old child staying in the Mundapara community of Kolkata with her parents and elder sister. Her father, Sri. Ashish Mondol is a van puller and has a monthly income…

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