Rapid technological advances, enhanced and enriched demands, and increased sharing of products between nations with more and more nations adopting the open window policy has brought our world to a crucial juncture – it’s now, more than ever, that we need to find the right balance to stay in harmony with our environment. ACM GIDF believes every effort towards this direction has a long term impact, however small or insignificant they might seem at the onset. This is more so because every such effort towards conserving natural resources and safeguarding the environment represents a change in attitude. To understand the need to care for the ecosystem is the first major battle won.

Living in an era of a comprehensive and largely unregulated growth, ACM GIDF accepts its responsibility towards the environment. We also acknowledge the need to increase awareness towards this – so we take sufficient care to integrate an ecology component to every project we undertake; this besides our regular environment centric programming.

Our focused interventions in the field of Rain Water Harvesting and Afforestation are designed to encourage communities to shift their focus towards sustainable solutions for their immediate environment. We know these isolated efforts, when taken together, have the potential to grow into an ecology revolution. It’s just a matter of time.

CNG Crematorium

Rampant increase in automobiles, brisk industrialization and fast increasing population are some of the factors that add on to the over pollution of Delhi, our national capital.ACM GIDF understands the need to initiate every…

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Afforestation Programmes

ACM GIDF undertook a community tree plantation project at Guna in Madhya Pradesh, in partnership with GAIL India Ltd.Through this project, we intended to contribute to the overall improvement of the local environment of…

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Rain Water Harvesting Structures

Inclusive growth becomes an impossible challenge without inclusive action that involves every level of communityparticipation.ACM GIDF believes environment conservation has to be at the forefront of every effort towards inclusive action. Conservation of natural…

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Past Environment Initiatives

  • Rain Water Harvesting in Guna, MP Supported by GAIL (India) Ltd., Vijaipur
  • Beautification of a round about in Shivpuri,MP   Supported by GAIL (India) Ltd. Vijaipur
  • Installation of Hand Pumps in Agra, UP   Supportedby GAIL (India)Ltd…

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