Towards Betterment, With Conviction - Artisans of Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Artisans are proud people. They are aware of the fact that they hold the keys to the culture and heritage of a locale, and so they become all the more frustrated when their work becomes irrelevant. ACM GIDF believes, given a chance, they are best equipped to rewrite their destinies, because they already have the requisite skills to do that.The artisan SHG group of Zadibal locality in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, consists of 10 male members.

All of them are traditionallytrained artisans involved in Papier Machecrafts. During inception on 2011, they had lovingly named their enterprise ‘Sudhar’, which means betterment. These committed men believed coming together will help them better their lives. The group members have been quite regular in holding meetings and contributing savings in the group. The small yet incisive beginning promises to turn into a big stride soon and transform the way of thinking of the members of this SHG.After a year of group savings at a meagerrate of Rs 40 per month per member, Sudhar has managed to save a handsome amount of Rs 20,000. This is a great achievement for the group and learning for other SHGs. This SHG has inspired many other SHGs in the state and they are now on the same track.

The President of the SHG, Mr. Mohamad Hussain Sopori, expressed his satisfaction with the new-found sense of self reliance. In his own words, “We are no longer dependenton middle man for our basic economic needs such as emergency medical expenses and purchase of raw material.” Now that’s a showcase of confidence that’s a sure sign of a turnaround in attitude.

And yes, they are grateful to ACM GIDF for bringing this transformation. Once again, in the words of the SHG President, “A significant change has occurred in the temperament of all of us. We feel a sense of sharing, caring and respect in the community.