Rukshana: A Ray of Hope, (Delhi)

Life does throw up strange circumstances. Like what happened to Rukshana, who left her village and migrated to Delhi after her first marriage failed. In Delhi, she met Ansar, and started dreaming of a better life. Unfortunately, her predicament was yet to end.

Soon enough, she found that Ansar was already married with a 7 year old daughter. To add insult to injury, Ansar started coming home drunk, beating her up and abusing her. After she complained to her parents, Ansar promised that he would never repeat these actions, but soon returned to his original ways. This time he dumped her at her parent’s home. Exasperated and dejected, Rukshana didn’t know what to do or who to approach for help.

Some of her friends informed Rukshana about the free counseling offered by ACM GIDF’s GRC Project to women like her. Our office directed her to come back for a legal counseling camp to be held by Ms Nargis Rajkumar, a Counselor appointed by DLSA. After a round of discussions, Ansar was called to the camp by the counselor.

The direct intervention helped to a large extent, because Ansar was forced to take her back, at her own terms. Rukshana is now looking for a suitable vocation that would give her financial independence. Our career advisors at the GRC SK have proposed to her that she should join our free Beautician course. Rukshana has now started gaining confidence and have started taking her first steps towards self-reliance. Soon, she believes, bad memories with people like Ansar will be a thing of the past, and she can live her life on her own terms.