Neetu: Life As A Beautician, (Delhi)

28 year old Neetu Rani from Mehrauli in Delhi always remained deeply disturbed due to her family’s poverty. Her husband is an unskilled worker with limited income which is not good enough to meet their family requirements.

The mother of three always wanted to join a beautician course and do something of her own, but was never able to do so because of their meagre income and virtually no savings. So when the community mobilizer of ACM GIDF visited their home and offered her a Beauty Culture course absolutely free of cost, at first she couldn’t believe her ears, but decided to visit our centre nonetheless.

Soon afterwards she enrolled into the course being conducted by GRC SK. In the centre, besides attending regular classes, she also gets to know about various Delhi Government welfare schemes meant for girls. She also shares her personal problems with the legal aid counsellor. ACM GIDF staff also helped her open her first Post Office Savings account, where she has started saving whatever money she can on a monthly basis.

Neetu Rani says the GRC SK centre has helped changed her outlook towards life. For us, the major change we have observed in her is a new-found confidence. She believes, and rightly so, that the day is not far away when she can help augment the family income with her own earnings.