A New Way To Life of Stone Craft Artisans, (Agra)

When the 25 women members of Jai Mata Ki SHG started their journey back in 2010, they never thought that within a year they would become veritable icons in their locality as the torch bearers of the SHG movement in Agra.

Today, these women are flooded with requests for information on their methodology and operations. Today, they take almost all their trade related decisions collectively, and recognize that this not just enables them to identify and prioritize their needs and resources, but also improves their collective bargaining capacity.

One among the 80 plus SHGs in Agra, these 12 women from OBC background started with a contribution of Rs 25 per woman per month, and soon started giving internal loans to group members at bare minimum interest. Within a few months of inception, with active help from the field functionaries of ACM GIDF, they got linked to a nationalized bank.

After that, there was no looking back. The women soon started contributing to their family incomes, and their new-found sense of confidence started reflecting in their exuberant interactions with the outside world.

They now encourage, advice and actively assist other women from their community eager to form similar groups. Under expert guidance of GIDF, Jai Mata Ki SHG is playing an active role in improving the lot of stone-craft artisans of Agra.