Tahira Shapes Her Destiny, Jammu & Kashmir

For Tahira, it was almost like a dream come true when ACM GIDF earmarked her neighbourhood, Gulshan Bagh, for the theme based cluster intervention.

Self-reliant by nature, the young girl attended the awareness camp, and was immediately hooked to the idea of self-help-groups. She volunteered and soon became one of the most active members of the newly formed SHG, and before she knew it, the other members sensed her enthusiasm and elected her to the post of the president.

Coming from a family of Paper Machie artisans, Tahira had the skill and the aptitude to take up the craft as a source of sustenance. What she lacked, however, was the initial funds to buy the raw materials.

Her family didn’t have the means to support her aspirations. She lost her father while she was just eight years old, and her brother settled down separately after marriage. Tahira ended up in a kuccha house with her two sisters and her mother. But yes, from her father, and then from her brother, she picked up the basic skills of paper machie craftwork.

GIDF encouraged her to share her predicament with other SHG members who told her to take a loan from the corpus fund. With this loan of 10,000 rupees, Tahira bought the necessary raw material and started her own paper machie making unit.

Today, Tahira is confident of her future, and she is thankful to ACM GIDF for changing the course of her life. To say it in her words, "The GIDF initiative has brought an element of empowerment in us. Now, we can also dream of setting up our units and explore our potential."