Nabajyoti: Passion Pays Finally, (Binaygutia, Assam)

Nabajyoti Self-Help-Group from Binaygutiavillage under Borboruah Development block in Assam is a group of 12 members formed in January 2009. The group was formed by the village women after some of them attended an awareness camp held by ACM GIDF’s local Community Link worker.In the beginning, everything seemed quite promising when the group started pooling resources and formed the SHG. But as soon as they started inter-lending, problems started flowing in. The memberswho took loan failed to return the interests in time, and slowly the very basisof SHG formation, mutual confidence, started crumbling down. When the senior members of the SHG felt that their enterprisewas on the verge of collapse, they once again called the ACM GIDF representative– the Community Link worker, for help.

The worker attended their monthly meetingand immediately identified the problem.He explained to the SHG members that their enterprise is not just about assimilatingmoney and lending it out on interest, but also about developing skills and thinking of innovative ways to using the money to generate profits. Secondly,the very basis of forming an SHG is building mutual trust, which gets seriouslycompromised when the members defaulton their interest payments. Thirdly, the only way to move forward is to move together and that’s what an SHG intends to do.

The members understood, and vowed to correct their course.Nabajyoti SHG, last heard, has taken a u-turn. Recently, they have managed to get a loan of Rs 50,000, with which they are planning to start a piggery farm and also side by side they are planning to make paper packets. The products that they will produce will be supplied to the local market. The SHG is now busy building market linkages to fulfill their collective dreams.