Sajisha: Return to Hope

Despite completing her graduation, Sajisha never thought she could contribute to the family income. It’s not that she was not willing to work, but she simply didn’t know what to do. The situation at her home was getting from bad to worse. Her husband, a carpenter, struggled to make both ends meet with the meager income from their shop. Her only daughter suffered from an incurable disease that took away her power to speak, and was studying in a special school. The family has taken a loan to construct a house which needed to be repaid. Problems were mounting, and approaching her from every conceivable side.

Just when everything seemed bleak, Sajisha came to know of ACM GIDF’s TBC project for artisans. She recognized her inbuilt talents in handicraft, joined our program, attended a skill test and acquired an Artisan Identification Certificate issued by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. Soon enough, she was an active member of an SHG, thinking of how to use this newfound opportunity to bring back happiness to her family.

A friend she made at the SHG decided to collaborate with her. Both of them started a Tailoring and Doll Making shop together, after taking a bank loan and a loan from the SHG. With sheer grit and hard work, their venture clicked, and Sajisha started earning enough to supplement her family income.

It’s not that all her problems got solved, but she is at least being able to save some money for her daughter’s treatment. For her, this is not at all a small achievement. Besides, her family has started looking at her with a new sense of respect, which inspires her to work even harder.