Radheshyam: A Symbol of New-Found Success, (Bhopal)

Radheshyam Verma is quite proud of his new uniform of a security guard. He washes and presses himself to ensure it’s always in top shape. He believes this is what gives him a unique identity – as a symbol of his new-found success.

The youngest son in the family, he did start going to school, but never managed to stride past class five while he was studying. The fact that all his brothers and sisters were illiterate didn’t really help, but the main reason was his impoverished family condition. His father, formerly a worker with a cement shop, was bedridden. His elder siblings were all separated from their parents. Their only source of income was a small-time grocery shop run by his mother in Kolar slums, Bhopal. The meagre earning from the shop wasn’t good enough to make both ends meet.

Radheshyam looked around for suitable jobs to help out his parents – but his lack of education and training prevented him from getting one. It was then a couple of his friends forced him to join the two months security guard course being run by ACM GIDF under SGSRY, DUDA Bhopal Project. Once he settled down, Radheshyam became one of the most attentive students in the centre, and soon after completing the course, landed a job with a local Supermarket as a Security Guard.

Radheshyam is now earning well enough to support his aging parents. Though he doesn’t intend to continue his studies, he says his children will not just go to school, but complete their schooling. He says he will do everything necessary to ensure that.