Rinku, (Agra)

Being a trained nurse, when Rinku landed a job in the G R hospital, she thought her days of desperation were finally over. What she didn’t realize was that her father, Ram Sanehi, would end up scuttling her plans.

Coming from a conservative background, he prevented Rinku from moving out of home to take up the job at the hospital, which was 30 kilometres from her village. Rinku’s dream of becoming self-reliant was all but shattered.

20 year old Rinku faced tremendous difficulties even before she decided to pursue the three months nursing training course under ACM GIDF’s spl SGSY Scheme. Coming from a family of daily wage labourers, it was in any case tough to make both ends meet. Her village didn’t offer any options for higher education. Going against all odds, Rinku managed to study till intermediate level, and this is what helped her to get admission to the Nursing and Medical Training course. Just when things were finally falling in place, her father seemed adamant to blow away her only chance.

Field workers of ACM GIDF stepped in to convince Ram Sanehi. After repeated home visits, and numerous discussions about how a little flexibility and understanding on his part will go a long way in securing Rinku’s future and augmenting the family income, the father finally relented.

Rinku, now a role model in her village, is grateful to ACM GIDF for taking this extra effort to convince her father. What more, even Ram Sanehi has realized the importance of self-reliance for women. He is now often spotted in the village bragging about the plum ‘city’ job of his daughter.