Ravi Sharma: A Journey Of Confidence, (Delhi)

Ravi Ranjan Sharma migrated from Bihar to Delhi in search of better opportunities, but nothing seemed to be working for him. The money he earned teaching computer skills went into paying rent and arranging two square meals a day. ACM GIDF gave him the chance to get into the retail industry, and his life changed.

He was the first one to be offered a job in a campus interview, which took even us by surprise, because we always thought of Ravi as a shy, reserved young man who didn’t like to interact much. He came from a family of 11 members with just one earning hand and four younger sisters who are studying. Ravi came to Delhi because he wanted to do something for his family – in terms of financial contribution. His lack of proficiency in English language became his largest road block to success in a big city like Delhi, but involvement with GIDF changed all that.

Ravi’s duel skills in computer and retail marketing made him just the right choice for a job with Le Marche, Saket District Centre. His association with GIDF has already helped him win over his shyness, because he knew that his eagerness to learn and sincerity is being appreciated here. Le Marche hand picked him from our campus interview, absorbed him as a data entry operator with a starting salary of Rs 9000, and gave him the position and the prestige that he always deserved. Above all, he now knows he can send some money back home and save for the future – a fact that makes him even more confident.